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Outbound Trade Mission Trip to London, Frankfurt, and Munich: 

Danny Nguyen embarks on a nine-day excursion across the globe visiting the cities of London, Frankfurt, and Munich to promote and attract business for the Greater Houston area. On his travels, he attended a series of meetings, including a briefing by the United States Embassy, and discussed the business scene in Houston with other leaders from top companies in the field. Danny met an array of brilliant individuals and got to visit spectacular cities across Europe. The most valuable aspect for Danny was the opportunity to come together with leaders in the business to discuss a key topic for the community in Houston, TX.

US Embassy Briefing Picture from left to right: Manolo Sanchez, Bill McKeon, Danny Nguyen, Mario Diaz, Andy Icken, Sylvester Turner, Robert W. Harvey, Theldon Branch, Jackie Christie, Jerry Davis, Zafar Zaf Tahir, Gabriella Rowe, John Simmons, Dean Corgey, Deanea LeFlore

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During his trip Danny got the opportunity to have an evening and dinner together with the Mayor and fellow delegates in London. There they got to enjoy some leisure time, converse with each other, and relax. Here they are enjoying some leisure time before getting ready for a full day of meetings and visits that was awaiting for them the following day.

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Among the many individuals Danny met on his nine day excursion, he was honored to meet Bill McKeon, President & CEO of Texas Medical Center; in London and Frankfurt, Germany. There he enjoyed having breakfast with Bill, where they shared their life stories, and discussed their professional and career journeys.



Danny with Bill McKeon, President & CEO of Texas Medical Center

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Danny was honored that he got the chance to attend the Out-Bound-Trade Mission trip to Europe. Traveling to the cities of London, Frankfurt, and Munich, and meeting talented individuals was very enjoyable. But most importantly, being involved with business leaders to ultimately promote and attract business for our community here in Houston was the key to creating change

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