Danny started out by negotiating retail leases and terms for his family and for himself with Simon Properties in Texas such as: 


  • Barton Creek Mall - Austin Market

  • Highland Mall - Austin Market

  • Ingram Park Mall - San Antonio Market

  • Riverwalk Mall - San Antonio Market

  • Sunrise Mall - Corpus Christi Market

  • Padre Staples Mall - Corpus Christi Market

  • FireWheel Mall - Dallas Market 


Having successully dealt with and helped to set up many small businesses and shops in these Malls, Danny had discovered his career passion. Immediately after graduating from TX A&M University, Danny jumped into the world of Commercial Real Estate whole heartedly!


In the early stages of his career, Danny worked with some major Commercial Real Estate firms as an agent; but not long afterward, he obtained his broker’s license and opened his own firm.


Exercising his Entrepreneurial tendencies, Danny’s purchased a Re/Max Franchise and a 5000 SqFt building. He remodeled and restructured both the building and the business to fit his Commercial clients’ needs by adding more commercial agents and expanding the building another 1000 SqFt.


As with many investors, Danny saw the potential gain and decided to sell and reinvest in other projects. This path led him to personally invest in several million dollar projects (land & shopping centers) and ultimately launch his own brand DN Commercial in 2008 at 9999 Bellaire Blvd. Ste 909 where he is currently.


Danny’s ability to bring solid results to his clients for more than two successful decades is due to his unique and special qualities.

The core to this success is that Danny loves what he does and takes personal pride for the results in his clients' transactions.  


He is laser focused, results oriented, highly specialized, resourceful, and his problem solving ability and worldwide contacts are exceptional. 


The combination of these three synergistic qualities: experience in brokerage, experience in investment, and experience as a business owner allows Danny to understand his clients' needs at a deep level. 


More than ever,  Danny is ready for bigger deals and bigger results.




9999  Bellaire Blvd, Ste 909

Houston, TX 77036

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