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Houston Community College 

Honorary Degree Recipient

Danny knows the value of education and it's importance in the development of the youth. He has grown to become very fond of Houston Community College systems for all it those to provide quality education. Danny is proud of being able to contribute to the ever growing community at Houston Community College. 

Danny had the honor to teach Vietnamese courses at HCC.

Being able to give his knowledge and experience to growing

minds, and and learning more about today's youth, was an

unforgettable experience. He enjoyed providing an outlet for

students to discover a new culture and learning experience

through language.

Thereafter, Danny continued to work on aiding education in

the community. He served on the Houston Community College

District III - Advisory Board in 2008, where he strived to

identify educational needs, and provide greater opportunities

for those in the community.


In that same year, Danny was selected by the HCC

Board of Trustees to receive an honorary degree. 

He was very honored to receive this degree, and

happy for the opportunity to serve the community,

and HCC over the years. 

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