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Danny's Speaking Engagements

Danny Nguyen on International Business Opportunities

April 24, 2016

Danny Nguyen guest speaker at the international trade center, where he addresses the importance of international business, why it is important, and how people can get involved in international business. 

International Business Opportunities
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Want Happiness? Do What You Are Created to Do.

Danny Nguyen, National Speaking Association

April 6, 2016

Danny Nguyen shares his life journey, including stories and experiences at the National Speaking Association. Danny conveys the message of "doing what you are created to do" by using his own life journey and what he went through to achieve what he has today.  

Greater Houston Partnership/World Bank Group Address

Danny Nguyen, Federal Reserve Building


Danny Nguyen speaks at the Federal Reserve Building where he talks about the Greater Houston Partnership's collaboration with the World Bank Group PSLO network in Houston. 

Global Economic Initiative at the United Nations

Danny Nguyen, United Nations Headquarters


Danny Nguyen speaks at the Global Economic Initiative at the United Nation to discuss business. He shares his experiences, and expresses the opportunity in America to commemorate the involvement with the Global Economic Initiative. 

Danny Nguyen Campaign Fundraiser Address

April 13, 2014

Danny Nguyen hosts a campaign fundraiser where he speaks on Missouri City, his running for Missouri City Council At-Large, and displays his interest in improving the community.

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